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Mooshu Must Haves

Hi. I’m a Princess with a Purpose.

“My purpose is to have fun.”

Hi. I’m Henry.

“The world is my giant playground.”

Hi. I'm Sunny.

“I was made for Sunny days.”

 Your baby is walking. You want well-designed toddler squeaky shoes that are gentle on growing feet and encourage a proper heel to toe gait. You also want them to be cute, comfortable and fun so that wearing shoes won't be a daily struggle.

Flexible soles and soft materials
that bend with every step.
Removable squeaker
promotes healthy heel-to-toe gait.
Wide toe box
designed for the unique shape of toddler feet.
Fashion-forward, cute styling
to delight toddlers and parents.

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Hi. My name is Mary Jane.

"I like to sing 'Let it Shine' but my mom only lets me do it outside now.  She says the birds like it!"

Hi. My name is Sawyer.

"Huck Finn never had a shoe like this!"

Hi. My name is Lucy.

"Ruffles are my passion."

These have become my son's favorite shoes right off the bat. The colors go with everything and every time he wears them he gets tons of compliments. They look great with casual to dressy clothes but still withstand the wear and tear of the playground. And I like how I can take the squeaker out for school and then put back in afterwards.”

Nicole H.


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