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Stress Free Travel Tips with your Toddler

Ready for your next family trip? Nobody looks forward to the stress of an unhappy child when you are dealing with airport security, waiting to board a flight or the anxiety of flying. No, I’m not talking about us adults, although sometimes we feel this way too. I am talking about your child’s travel experiences.

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Use these tips for a stress free trip:

  1. Plan ahead! I can’t tell you much stress this can reduce when you are prepared. A happy parent leads to a happy toddler. Make sure you get to the airport with plenty of time to get through security and on to the gate.
  2. Keep your toddler busy before the flight. Find out if your airport has a play area. If they don’t find an empty gate and let them roam. Click here for the top ten family friendly airports.
  3. Make sure you have enough healthy snacks. Try and stay away from sugar snacks so you don’t have a hyper toddler. During takeoff you can give your older toddler sugar free gum to take care of the ear popping sensation while babies can drink from a bottle or suck on a paci. Also remember to bring whatever medications your child needs, because they will suffer until you land. If your child has an upset stomach you can give them lemon drops, peppermint and soda crackers.
  4. Pack some familiar and unfamiliar toys for the flight. Your child will want their favorite stuffed animal for comfort but will love a new play thing to keep them occupied.
  5. We love the relaxing quality of a mindfulness coloring book. Have you ever started coloring something with a black and white pattern? It is mesmerizing and your toddler will love it. The Flow Coloring book has beautiful illustrations for girls. There are also many country themed coloring books so if you can find one that corresponds to your trip that would be very educational for you and your child.
  6. Bring a toddler friendly camera (disposable) for your child to encourage them to take in their surroundings and focus on what interests them.
  7. Bring a journal for writing positive and lovely things to keep your outlook bright and calm. Your sanity is important so you enjoy your travel day with your children. Record funny things that happened through the day and share them with a friend or significant other.

We hope your next trip is amazing and a little less stressful with our tips.

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