Sammie | Toddler Squeaky Shoes


Explore the playground in style!  This sporty trainer with Velcro closure and durable sole is perfect for first steps.

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Sammie | Toddler Squeaky Shoes


Why mooshu TRAINERS? Your baby is walking. You want well-designed toddler squeaky shoes that are gentle on growing feet and encourage a proper heel-to-toe gait. You also want them to be cute, comfortable, and fun so that wearing shoes won’t be a daily struggle.

  1. Flexible soles and soft materials that bend with every step.
  2. A removable squeaker promotes a healthy heel-to-toe gait.
  3. Wide toe box designed for the unique shape of toddler’s feet.
  4. Fashion-forward, cute styling to delight toddlers and parents.

I’m sure you know the struggle, you ask your child to put on their shoes but they don’t want to put them on. Why? Not because your baby doesn’t like the look of them, but because they aren’t uncomfortable! We know the struggles of trying to push and shove your kids’ little feet in shoes that are somehow even smaller than they were yesterday. Mooshu’s shoes are extra wide and have all child-friendly” closures on their shoes, allowing them to go on those cute little boys or girls’ feet painlessly! And let’s be honest… they are just SO cute! 

Qualities of all our shoes:

  • Removable squeaker (even though, we have a feeling they are going to want to keep it)
  • Durable rubber sole – just where active toddlers need it
  • Rounded edges – helps reduce stumbles and falls
  • Velcro or Zipper closure for easy on and off/adjustable fit (yes, on ALL our shoes!)
  • Non Slip laces, for those with laces
  • Breathable lining
  • Available in toddler whole sizes from 3-9
  • Removable bows, on those with bows, to be easily switched out to give the appearance of an entirely new shoe!

Need help choosing the right size? Head over to our Sizing Page.

All shoes include 1 pair of squeakers inserted in the heel, along with a pair of non-squeakers for “Quiet Time”. Want extra squeakers? Head over to our Accessory Page to purchase more!

Mooshu TRAINERS is located in Austin, Texas. Orders placed by 1 pm CDT on Weekdays, ship the same day, meaning you will receive your new shoes in no time!

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