You already have to replace your child’s shoes often due to their quickly growing feet; you shouldn’t have to replace them due to quality also!   Sources like Web MD, say that your toddler will need a new pair of shoes every 2-4 months! Now imagine if between those 2-4 months you are replacing them…

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Physical activity

Physical activity is vital for toddlers and young children’s health, wellbeing, development and future! Learn ways to foster their development below.  Add to CartPiper Fringe Boot | Toddler Squeaky Shoes $42.00 Play running games like “Tag, You’re It!” or “Chase” Squeaky shoes add extra fun to running games because your little one gets to hear…

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Ready, Set, Bow! – The History Behind the Mary Jane Shoe

Mary Jane shoes have a unique and interesting backstory of how they came about. Historically, they were worn by both boys and girls starting in the early 1900’s up until the 1950’s and were considered mostly formal attire. The shoes have also been called ‘bar shoes’ because of the strap that lies across the top…

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Mooshu Trainers Spring Collection

Mooshu Trainers Evie

Introducing our Spring Collection (the Evie shoe pictured above) Ready to sparkle, twirl and hop your way into Spring with our inspired styles? We have a fresh new look for your little ones with the same quality, comfort and design you would expect from Mooshu Trainers. We believe childhood should be magical and whimsical so…

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5 Reasons to LOVE Mooshu Trainers

mooshu trainers toddler squeaky shoes prinbw15 silver sp on chair

5 Reasons to LOVE Mooshu Trainers We want your child to sparkle this winter season with our amazing design with your child’s development in mind. Let’s face it, they are more than just a shoe with a squeaker in them.  They actually help your child develop a healthy heel to toe walking gait while they…

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Holiday Family Photo Tips

mooshu-trainers-shoe collection

Holiday Family Photo Tips | Mooshu Trainers The holidays are right around the corner and this is a wonderful time to grab some love through the camera with your family. It can be stressful however, picking out what to wear. We have some tips to make this an enjoyable experience. What to wear/Styling Tips: 1.…

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FALL in Love with Mooshu Style

Mooshu Trainers New Fall 2016 Toddler Squeaky Shoe Styles

FALL in Love with Mooshu Style Whether you are twirling in the leaves, swinging in the crisp cool air or taking it one step at a time, Mooshu Trainers loves being a part of your toddler’s journey. We believe in style and comfort but most of all we want your toddler to have a healthy…

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Spring Is Here and The Bluebonnets Are Blooming

Mooshu Trainers Silver Sparkle Bluebonnet

  As Springtime appears so do Bluebonnets. Bluebonnets are a blue wildflower which is part of the Texas history. They are the state’s flower. Bluebonnets bloom doesn’t last long, they start blooming in March and peak in April. As people drive by they love to admire the beautiful wild flowers growing in bunches and blankets around…

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