7 TIPS for a Spooktacularly Safe Halloween


7 TIPS for a Spooktacularly Safe Halloween

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Halloween is a wonderful time of the year full of excitement and mystery. Starting October 1, you get out your decorations, play the memorable Peanuts movie, carve pumpkins of all colors and sizes and smell the cool air breeze in. Remember the magic of saying three little words to receive all the sugar you wanted? We want your family to enjoy their night of tricks and treats but with safety and caution. We have compiled some tips for you to help your night be one to remember.

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  1. Put those squeakers in your Mooshu Trainers. This will help you keep track of and hear your child as they head up the path to a door in the dark. We have great styles that will not only add sass but comfort as well.
  2. When purchasing a costume keep in mind that they should never obstruct movement, never cause visual impairment and never pose a trip hazard.
  3. Make sure to label your child’s clothing and candy bucket with your name and cell phone number just in case they get lost.
  4. Make your child’s costume glow with light up necklaces, bracelets and sticks. The more they glow, the more visible they are to cars and to you.
  5. Talk to your child about staying on the sidewalk due to the amount of people driving into neighborhoods to trick or treat.
  6. Make sure to go through the candy before your child eats it. The candy must be in a sealed package and within expiration dates.
  7. If your child will be wearing makeup, make sure to test it out before the night of Halloween. There’s nothing like a rash to ruin your evening of fun.
  8. We hope you have a wonderful and safe Halloween this year.

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